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A Series On Wheat Protein Benefits: Part II - Texture

We continue our three-part blog series on – Rheology. Texture. Nutrition.

This week we focus on texture. Wheat proteins contribute to rheology, texture and nutrition by building critical structure that also helps to enhance texture. Taste and texture are key contributors to consumer purchase and preference in plant-based foods. Texture is a key preference and point of differentiation. Selecting the ideal ingredients, such as an optimized wheat protein, will help you to obtain the best texture for your foods!


Wheat protein has a unique viscoelastic quality, contributing to the ability to give strength and a nice, chewy bite to bakery and snacks. However, when we take full advantage of this unique quality, we can enhance texture in more ways than ever before. The range of GemPro wheat proteins provides textural benefits from crispy to crunchy, from tender to resilient, and from soft to chewy. Where vital wheat gluten has traditionally been considered primarily for bread, wheat proteins can be used to optimize texture in cookies, cakes, crackers, and more.  

GemPro wheat proteins are gluten-based and carefully made to maintain the gluten network, albeit at different levels of strength. This novel approach to wheat proteins and careful control of production means they contribute the preferred structure and texture needed in individual bakery products. 

When you consider the range of GemPro Proteins, as the level of strength shifts the impact on texture shifts as well. For example, GemPro HPGis a highly elastic wheat proteins and will provide a firm and chewy bite. GemPro Prime-E is an extensible protein and can contribute a flexible texture. For example, in a tortilla GemPro Prime-E can enhance the finished product texture by improving the rollability and flexibility of the tortilla over time.

The secret is to select the perfect wheat protein to meet your processing or textural needs. 

·        For example, GemPro Prime-W is a whipping protein that can contribute to aeration and tenderness, while boosting the protein content and enhancing the texture in bakery products, breakfast cereals, snacks and nutritional products. 

·        GemPro 4400 offers a gluten matrix characterized by strength while maintaining tenderness. It also improves the machinability of dough and imparts firmness to pasta product. 

·        When using GemPro Plus, a clean label wheat protein with 85% protein, you can boost the protein content in your product while enhancing processing and texture. It is particularly useful as an egg replacer in pasta and as a protein improver in bakery products resulting in enhanced machinability, increased volume and excellent texture. 


From softness to resilience or crispy to crunchy, GemPro wheat proteins help deliver the ideal texture for your baked goods and products. Rely on GemPro proteins to realize the perfect nutrition, rheology and texture in new cakes, cookies, pastries, and more.   

A Series On Wheat Protein Benefits: Part III - Nutrition

We have reached the final topic in our three-part series – Rheology. Texture. Nutrition. This topic is the primary driver in many new product formulations - Nutrition. Developing new products with improved nutrition in mind requires expanding your toolbox to include new ingredients that uphold the needed rheology and texture, while also delivering nutrition.  

The benefit of wheat proteins, such as our GemPro Range of proteins, is that they are specially designed to fit a wide range of applications. Because the proteins have various functionalities, there is a protein option best suited for cookies to beverages and pancakes to breads.  

Add Protein 

By selecting specific Manildra’s GemPro Wheat Proteins you can create your ideal, healthy, protein-packed products.  If boosting protein in a cookie, add GemPro Prime-W to get a soft and chewy bite. The bland flavor profile of GemPro Prime-W allows you to add more protein to many products without disrupting the desired taste. In addition, GemPro Ultra’s solubility works well for soft baked cookies, while GemPro 4400 will give you a slightly more rigid cookie.  

In a muffin, you can use GemPro Plusto boost resilience or GemPro 3300 to promote aeration, both while contributing to your overall protein target.  In yeast dough, adding protein requires a careful balance of rheology. Using a combination of proteins, you can manipulate the balance of strength and elasticity with extensibility to reach protein targets that may seem out of reach.  

By considering the rheology in production and the texture of the finished product, you can select the best GemPro ingredient to meet your protein goals.  

Reduce Sugar 

Sugar is a highly functional ingredient that is used to add sweetness, binding, and body, but can also be detrimental to the nutritional profile. With GemPro Tack, you can create a wholesome fruit and nut cluster or granola bar with reduced sugar. The GemPro Tack binder can also be used with sugar to optimize sweetness, but it does not rely on sugar for the binding method.  

Our standard GemPro Tack was developed with the intention to replace sugar, not add protein, so it has a lower protein content. However, GemPro Tack 50 will give a bit more of a protein punch with 50% protein. If high protein is preferred, the GemPro Tack 85 can help you reach that goal with 85% protein. Each have similar binding characteristics and finished products.  

Add Fiber 

If your goal is to boost fiber or accomplish a low carb diet, look no further than FiberGem resistant wheat starch. Our FiberGem resistant wheat starch is a 90% dietary fiber, ideal for boosting fiber in bakery products while contributing to fewer net carbs. The key components in developing a low carb, flour-based product requires replacing carbs with fiber, protein or fat. FiberGem produces bakery items with a bright white color and minimal impact on flavor or texture. In fact, one key benefit of FiberGem is that it does not disrupt the viscosity or absorption of standard formulas. It can be used a direct replace of flour up to a certain percentage in various applications. Using FiberGem alongside our GemPro proteins you can create your own low carb flour replacement.

As you work to improve the nutritional profile of your existing products or create novel nutritious options, reach out the Manildra applications team for support. 

Organic: Grains see Gains

Gone are the days of consumers needing to travel to a specialized grocery store to purchase organic versions of their favorite food items. With 52% of consumers agreeing that organic food and beverage products are healthier for them, most grocery store chains are continuing to open shelf space for companies that can respond to changing consumer health and diet preferences.

Though the organic food segment is largely led by produce, grain-based products and baked goods make up 11.4% of all organic sales. The growth rate in the organic sector is expected to slow to 2.5% due in large part to economic sluggishness from 2020-2021, but is predicted to return over 6% growth by 2023. Organic dollar sales jumped 19% from 2019-2020. Organic flour sales alone increase 51% during this same period as stay-at-home-ordered-bakers tried their hand at artisan style products. Cascade Organic Flour launched a 5-pound bag of organic whole wheat flour this year as retailers requested more options for home bakers.

Organic bread is the most notable and recognizable organic offering in the grain-based sector; however, companies are now getting more creative in meeting the consumer’s call for organic with products such as cookies, bakery mixes and snack products. One example is specialty baking brand Foodstirs who introduced a keto-friendly chocolate chip cookie mix that is USDA organic and non-GMO. Miss Jones Baking Co. offers organic versions of your favorite mixes like yellow and chocolate cake, brownies, confetti and chocolate chips cookies. And long-standing brands like Annie’s and Simple Mills offers consumers organic cake, brownie and cookie mixes.

Refrigerated and non-refrigerated snack bars continue to take up more shelf space as well. Companies like Perfect Snacks offering their Perfect Bar that is certified USDA organic, NonGMO Project verified and offers customers 20 superfoods per serving (peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip). Another organic option is from Nature’s Bakery who offers a soft baked, organic snack bar called Baked-Ins that contain better-for-you ingredients that don’t sacrifice on taste.

Frozen foods with organic claims only make up 2.4% of total frozen food sales; however, this category alone has grown 11.1% CAGR in the last 4 years. In 2020 particularly, this market saw a 21% increase in dollar sales due to pandemic stocking and later by cooking burnout. Amy’s, Evol and Cascadian Farms are familiar faces in the category, but brands like Sweet Earth continue to push the envelope in organic offerings

Manildra offers multiple products that can help your company meet the consumers’ demand for organic versions of their most-loved products. Organic proteins such as GemPro HPG, Gem of The West VWG, GemPro Plus, GemPro Prime-E, GemPro Prime-W, GemPro Ultra, and GemPro Tack can all be organic optinos for your entire product portfolio - from bread and buns to cakes and cookies. Organic starch options include GemStar 50 and 100, as well as GemGel 50 and 100.

Organic bread relies on vital wheat gluten to provide the needed strength and tolerance for production.  Manildra has been a long-time supplier of organic vital wheat gluten and understands the importance of quality in this market.  GemPro Ultra can be used as an organic dough conditioner, providing reduced mix time and improved pan flow in order to optimize your organic bread.

With sweet goods and mixes, access to both organic proteins and organic starches is essential. For example, organic cake mixes rely on organic GemGel 100to provide the needed body and texture in the mixing bowl. Creating vegan, organic cakes and muffins is also possible when using GemPro Plusto replace eggs. Developing high protein organic cookies is easier when you use GemPro Prime-W because of the ideal finished product texture it can provide.

Organic particulates and granola bars with desired low sugar profiles are possible with GemPro Tack . Similar to cookies, the protein content of organic soft baked bars can be increased with GemPro Prime-W or GemPro Prime-E while still maintaining the optimum texture.

Optimized frozen foods require well-controlled moisture migration. Organic GemPro HPG binds water and holds onto it through frozen storage so as to mitigate moisture migration, thereby maintaining desired finished product attributes. GemPro proteins can also support optimizing texture when frozen foods are reheated.

Whether consumers are grocery shopping in the store or online, the expectation is to have more healthful options available to them. Modifying your current portfolio to an organic profile doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Manildra’s organic ingredients help you deliver better-for-you foods to your consumers today.



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Protein Packed Cookies

Recent data has indicated that consumers have been increasing their snacking occasions. On average, U.S. consumers eat three snacks a day, with 42% reporting they consume more than three. Additionally, 44% of consumers said they often atesnacks instead of meals at work and home, (Food Business News, 2020). The majority of snack foods tend to be highly processed, rich in saturated fat, refined starch, added sugar, and low in fiber. With the help of Manildra's GemPro Wheat Proteins, creating a healthy and sustainable snack is possible! 

Protein cookies are one of the many healthy snacks you can create with Manildra’s GemPro line. Adding protein throughout the day can not only reduce the amount of snacking, but reduce the risk factors associated with unhealthy snacks. In the recent reportLockdown Eating Insights (2020),healthier snacks filled with protein reduced many cardiovascular disease risk factors which corresponds to an estimated risk reduction of 32% for CVD. 

From boosting protein to enhancing softness and texture, Manildra’s GemPro Wheat Proteins help to create your ideal, healthy protein packed cookie. 

Whether you are creating a protein-packed soft baked sugar cookie or a crunchy oatmeal raisin, Manildra's GemPro Products help deliver your ideal texture for those sweet baked goods. Choose the GemPro protein based on desired texture or total amount of protein.

The bland flavor profile of GemPro Prime-W allows you to add more protein. If boosting protein in a cookie, add GemPro Prime-W to get a soft and chewy bite. In addition, GemPro Ultra’s solubility works well for soft baked cookies, while GemPro 4400 will give you a slightly more rigid cookie.

Protein cookies are an instant source of protein and energy. They can be enjoyed as a portable snack, an indulgent treat, and even part of a healthy balanced diet. With Manildra’s GemPro Wheat Proteins, the possibilities of perfect protein packed cookies are endless!

Simple and Creative At-Home Meals

Due to COVID-19, stay-at-home orders have forced billions of people to find themselves making more meals and even snacks from home. In episode 59 of the Hartman Group’s podcast, researchers discuss how the pandemic has had an effect on the when, what, and how of our eating habits. The Hartman Group’s database, managed by the Eating Occasions Compass, states that from snacking to dinner, the pandemic has impacted how we eat. 1 The stay-at-home order has caused an increase in consumption of at-home snacks and meals. Now is the time to be adventurous in food and cooking styles, while also maintaining simplicity. 

Consumers are currently taking advantage of staple items as an opportunity to be creative. With infrequent grocery shopping due to COVID-19, consumers have the desire to purchase ingredients that stretch. Pancakes are a staple item with room for innovation. GemPro Plus can be used for replacing eggs, while also providing both strength and tenderness that is similar to the functionality of eggs. GemPro wheat proteins have a 90% protein content, while also optimizing texture. The GemProproducts are ideal when wanting to boost protein and develop a clean label. 

In 2020, many restaurants and small businesses have been temporarily closed as a result of the virus. Dining out has become one of the riskier activities when trying to avoid contracting COVID-19, (Schoenwalder-Smith, Cecilia. 2020)Whether it is a craving for flatbread from a favorite restaurant down the street, or even a fresh baked cookie from the local bakery, the stay-at-home order has opened many gates for consumers to be creative in order to mimic those favorite items. If you are looking to make flatbreads, pizza crusts, or even tortillas, GemPro products are a great clean label solution that also boosts protein content. For example, GemPro Prime-E can be used for rollability and flexibility in flatbreads, while also improving overall rheology. To provide tenderness when adding protein to baked goods such as cookies or muffins, GemPro Prime-W will enhance these qualities. 

            There is no better time to experiment with ingredients, so let the Manildra team assist you in your creative journey.