Hip Hip Hooray, It's National Cookie Day!

You would not be surprised to learn that America’s favorite baked good has its own holiday. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was recently celebrated on August 4, 2021, by bakers across the country. Chocolate chip cookies have come a long way since their debut in the 1930’s, and famous name brands across the globe have given the nostalgic treat their own twist, including adding protein! The Manildra portfolio of GemPro proteins can help you level up your chocolate chip cookie today.

The story of the chocolate chip cookie begins in 1938 when Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, decided to improvise her butter drop cookie recipe by adding chopped up semi-sweet chocolate to it. Her customers raved about the crispy sweet treat, and Ruth’s Chocolate Crunch Cookie gained in popularity so much that Nestle paid her $1 to place her recipe on their semi-sweet chocolate bar packaging (1). This partnership allowed the cookie to travel across the states and into the hands of many home and professional bakers.

Roughly 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are eaten in the US every year, and more than 50% of those are made by home bakers (2).  The other 3.5 billion cookies are produced by household brand names like Pepperidge Farm, Chip’s Ahoy, Mrs. Fields, Famous Amos and Keebler that can be found in your neighborhood grocery store. Box mixes are also a popular configuration with brands like Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and King Arthur offering customers a simple and measure-free option. Frozen and refrigerated doughs are also another convenient offering to customers who can “break and bake” their favorite cookie brands like Tollhouse and Pillsbury. Whether they be stored bought or home baked, the chocolate chip cookie offers consumers a reminder of the sweetness of life.

We know that (almost) everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, even healthy eaters! In recent years, the growing trend of high protein products has not skipped over the chocolate chip cookie. Many health-conscious brands have made their own versions of these sweet treats including Quest, Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie, and Atkins. These protein packed offerings range from 10 to 16 grams of protein per serving and help support consumers healthier lifestyle goals. Are you looking to do the same for your chocolate chip cookie brand?

Consider Manildra’s range of GemPro proteins to help boost your product offerings. GemPro 3300 is high in protein and will help promote aeration and crispiness. GemPro Prime-W can help increase tenderness in your finished cookie and leave your customers wanting more. The broad range of GemPro proteins allows you to optimize both texture and nutrition. Are you looking to create a vegan cookie or decrease egg usage? GemPro Plus and GemPro 4400 are both options for replacing whole eggs in your formulation while packing in the protein.

So now that we have you drooling and dreaming of chocolate chip cookies, what’s stopping you from trying your hand at the high protein version of America’s favorite cookie? Don’t know where to start? Contact us at Manildra and let our team of experts guide you down your path to cookie greatness!


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