It's National Cupcake Day!

 Here ye, here ye! December 15th marks National Cupcake Day and we are happy to celebrate our favorite bite sized snack cake. These whimsical and versatile treats are sure to delight any consumer as they can be customized from head to toe.

Did you know that the phrase cupcake wasn’t used until Hostess coined the term in 1919 when they first start to mass produce their version of a snack cake? Prior to that they were commonly known as English Fairy Cakes throughout the 17th and 18th century. Frosting these bite-sized treats didn’t come until later in the 1950’s when Winston Churchill recommended that he preferred them frosted. It wouldn’t be for another 50 years in 2005 when Sprinkles opened the first cupcake only bakery in Los Angeles; however, retail, commercial and home bakers have enjoyed whipping up their own versions of the portioned controlled treats (1).

Like cake, the base cake of the cupcake can be any flavor – chocolate, vanilla, carrot cake – you name it, scale it into a lined muffin pan, and voila you’ve got a cupcake! Similar high-ratio cake formulas work well in cupcake application; however, processing adjustments would need to be made to scale this small cake down to size, including adjusting batter viscosity and reducing bake time.

Also, like cake, the frosting of the cupcake can be any flavor or consistency. A lightly and fluffy buttercream can help add creaminess to these small cakes, or a rich chocolate ganache can deepen the flavor profile of a cupcake. The combinations of cake and frosting can be anything from simple to sublime, and the possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

Some bakers add fun twists to their cakes with fillings and toppings that help to create more texture and a fun mouthfeel. Crushed graham crackers on top of a vanilla cupcake with cinnamon buttercream adds just a small amount of crunch, while filling a dense chocolate cake with a simple whipped filling can add a sweet and soft surprise. The world of texture is at your fingertips with a cupcake, so play around!

At Manildra, our product range of starches and proteins can help provide solutions to your favorite cupcake formula. Looking to reduce ingredient costs? Our GemPro Plus and GemPro 4400 can be used to replace eggs. Perhaps a better-for-you cupcake or snack cake is your target. Our GemPro Prime-E can help you boost your protein content while maintaining the option texture and mouthfeel. 

Or are you looking to increase cake softness? Our line of GemStar starches can help contribute to a softer mouthfeel and a brighter crumb structure. If you are scaling down your high-ratio cake formula to a cupcake size, chances are you need some help increasing your batter viscosity. Our technical experts can help! Our line of GemGel pregelantinized starches can help add body and viscosity to your batter. Consider GemGel 100 when you need a little more viscosity control in your batter or for freeze thaw stability in your finished cupcake. 

So what’s stopping you from trying your hand at these jovial treats? Let our team of technical experts help you with your next cupcake formula.