Wheat Proteins to Boost Nutrition

GemPro® wheat protein isolates can be used to add protein, improve mouthfeel, and add unique nutritional benefits

GemPro wheat protein isolates are specifically designed to boost proteins while providing ideal functionality. With 90% protein, wheat protein isolates are an excellent option for boosting protein in a wide range of products.

GemPro Ultra wheat protein isolate is easily dispersible in water, with high solubility and a clean, neutral flavor. It works well in high protein beverages, protein powders, or as a component in bakery or bars. GemPro Ultra is high in glutamine peptides, a stable form of glutamine, bonded to other amino acids, easier for the body to assimilate. Glutamine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins), found naturally in the body, key for protein synthesis, muscle health, and boosting the immune system.

GemPro 3300 is a unique protein that provides essential functionality while boosting protein. Because GemPro 3300 can provide adhesion, aeration, or extensibility depending on the system, it is a great solution for modifying texture and mouthfeel. In bars use GemPro 3300 to maintain structure. In other high protein products GemPro 3300 can be used along with other proteins to optimize texture.

GemPro Wheat Protein Isolates

  • 90% Protein
  • Unique Functionality
  • Glutamine peptides
  • Great, neutral flavor
  • Preferred texture and mouthfeel