A Series On Wheat Protein Benefits: Part I - Rheology

Rheology. Texture. Nutrition.

Proteins are used in foods for many purposes – nutrition, shelf life, flavor, etc. Each protein type has unique attributes to contribute to the finished food. The unique set of benefits GemPro wheat proteins bring include – rheology, texture, and nutrition. Join us for a three-part blog series considering rheology, texture, and nutrition, and how wheat proteins provide an innovative solution to each.


The dictionary definition of rheology is: a science dealing with the deformation and flow of matter.

While it may be a different way to think about it, the deformation and flow of matter is exactly what occurs when we combine, mix, sheet, shape ingredients to create the foods our customers love.

In commercial food production altering rheology means altering product tolerance, plant efficiency, and finished product texture. GemPro wheat proteins are an incredible clean label, plant-based solution to improving rheology in a range of systems.


Whether you are producing an innovative plant-based meat or a classic baked cookie, producing plant-based foods require a balance of tolerance and machinability in production.

GemPro wheat proteins help to build critical structure. Wheat proteins with more strength and elasticity translate to more structure and tolerance in baking. With a unique viscoelastic quality, wheat proteins contribute a combination of elastic and viscous behavior. When stress is applied, it results in an instantaneous elastic strain followed by a viscous, time-dependent strain.

Some systems may provide a harsh environment where a high amount of strength is needed. For example, in bread with excess seeds and inclusions, or other nutritional components like fiber or proteins, a highly elastic wheat protein such as GemPro HPG can compensate for the other components.

Other systems may require more of a balance between elasticity and extensibility. GemPro Plus can ease the overall strength while maintaining the gluten network. When a greater amount of extensibility is needed GemPro Prime-E acts as a reducing agent in the bowl, but then maintains tolerance through the rest of the process. The impact on rheology is not limited to dough systems. Rheology in a batter system may require more aeration. GemPro Prime-W is a whipping protein and can promote aeration in batters and filling.

Managing rheology has an impact on production efficiency. Wheat protein can serve as your clean label efficiency solution. Whether you are looking to soften your dough and increase flow or build structure to reduce breakage in your finished product wheat protein can help you to dial in on that perfect balance of processing efficient.


Rheology of the dough or batter will impact flow and expansion, water migration and structure setting. In turn, the impact on rheology has a direct impact on product texture. Texture is the of Part 2 of our three-part series. Stay tuned…