Are You The Chosen Bun?

When it comes to diet trends, 2020 was arguably the year of Keto (Grande Custom Ingredients Group). Influencers and authors are abundant on social media, inspiring and motivating others to achieve a Keto diet. Recent market growth trends reveal an increased consumer demand for health, organic, and low carb products. “Recent research confirms that the health and wellness food sector is expected to see a growth rate of 5.7 percent and could reach an expected market size of 1,253 billion dollars by 2024,” according to Paleo Foundation, 2020. 

When it comes to achieving a Keto diet, low carb buns are a great portable option. Buns can be used with a variety of foods from sandwiches, burgers, sausages and more! This versatility also means that the bun must maintain a certain amount of integrity and strength. A burger bun must provide a soft bite while being strong enough to support the burger and it's toppings. On the other hand, a hotog bun must have the hinge strength to make sure you get an even bite of bun, meat and toppings.

Premiumization of burgers also drives consumers to spike an interest in trying new products; not just for the drive thru, but as a vehicle to make a burger stand apart. Pretzel buns, brioche buns and many others, have led the consumer to enjoy special burgers. With a low carb bun, the consumer can also meet specific nutritional targets. A high quality, low carb bun opens the door to those consumers look for premium and personalized nutrition.

Buns can be challenging to make when it comes to the right pan flow, strength, and finished appearance. Similar to low carb bread, low carb buns can rely on a combination of fiber and protein to create a low carb flour with functionality to match that of traditional wheat flour. A combination of FiberGem resistant wheat starch and GemPro wheat proteins can provide the viscoelastic properties needed to produced commercial-scale low carb buns.

FiberGem is a wheat-based fiber that provides the body and absorption to mimic the starch component of flour. The bright white color and low absorption makes it ideal for adding fiber and reducing carbs while maintaining the expected dough properties.

GemPro wheat proteins include a range of functional benefits from elastic and strong to extensible and film-forming. Use GemPro proteins in combination to find the exact rheological properties needed for your process. For example, include GemPro Prime-E to achieve more pan flow and GemPro HPG for more strength and tolerance. Balance the use of the proteins to achieve the right functionality from the mixing bowl through the oven. Adjusting the ratio of ingredients also helps adjust the finished product texture. More strength yields a chewy texture. Softer more extensible doughs yield a soft, fine bite.

The result - high fiber, high protein, low net carbs!

As you consider creating a low carb bun, refer to Manildra’s products. Manildra is here to support you and take your low carb buns to the next level.