Egg Yolk Replacement in Sweet Dough

Donut Image

Wheat protein isolates were evaluated as a replacement for eggs at a 50% and 100% replacement level in a Danish type formula. The results indicate that the flavor, eating quality, texture and mouth feel were similar to the control at both replacement levels.

Wheat protein isolate can provide some of the emulsification and resilience usually contributed by eggs, but can also be more extensible than egg. If this is the case, a slight reduction in use helps. For example, if you are using 10 pounds of eggs, instead of a direct replacement based on solids, try using only 8 pounds of isolate. As with all bakery formulas water optimization is key.

When formulating cake donuts try Manildra’s GemPro 4400 wheat protein isolate as a direct replacement for egg yolks based on solids. This formula change could:

  • Remove an allergen
  • Reduce need for refrigerated storage of liquid egg yolks
  • Decrease price volatility and availability concerns
  • Reduce ingredient cost