GemGel 100: Your Go-to Starch

Frustrated with your batter system because it’s not holding its viscosity? Or are you looking to create a more stable filling that doesn’t weep water? Consider Manildra’s GemGel 100 your new secret weapon. It can help enrich your product processing by creating more consistency, and enhance finished product eating properties as well.

GemGel® 100 is a pregelatinized, native wheat starch produced by a unique drying process. This product hydrates instantly in water and provides immediate thickening, which can be used as an industrial or food grade raw material. It is a dry, white powder and can be labeled as wheat starch in the finished product.

Because GemGel 100 is a pregelatinized starch, it allows for immediate swelling upon hydration as the starch granules are already in their fully swollen state after the drying process. This helps to create immediate and consistent viscosity in the system during mixing, processing, and baking. When tested with a viscometer, such as a Viscograph, the curve of a pregelatinized starch is flat and remains flat as heat is applied, whereas a native starch increases, flattens at gelatinization temperature and decreases as continued heat is applied. This upfront and steady viscosity translates to more consistency during makeup and as the overall structure of the system begins to set. Bakers and industrial product manufacturers can both benefit from this cold-water-pasting product as no heat is required to improve a systems fluidity.

Manildra’s GemGel 100 has many finished product applications including industrial and food grade products.  From a non-food grade standpoint, GemGel 100 can promote binding and adhesion in many industrial applications such as wallpaper, wall boards, joint compounds, textured ceiling tiles, charcoal briquettes, laundry starch and oil drilling mud. Since many of these systems are not heated before use, they rely on the pregelatinized starch to bind water and create a thicker gel that maintains its viscosity over time. GemGel 100 also has a plentiful amount of food grade uses that range from dry mixes to pie fillings. One of its functional attributes includes being a stabilizer in bakery batter systems like cakes, muffins, fillings and glazes that require specific aeration and fluidity during makeup and baking. GemGel 100 can also help with the suspension of particulates in batter systems like muffins and quick breads. Again, GemGel 100 can be used as a thickener in breakfast cereal systems, as well as being used to improve finished product texture and reduce staling. As a thickening agent, GemGel 100 can also be used in processed food products like soups, gravies, puddings, and sauces as its ability to gel at any temperature can help shelf-stable product retain their product integrity. In dry blends and mixes, GemGel 100 can help improve batter handling and thickness for retail and home bakers, and it can also help act as a tenderizer in baked and fried finished products like donuts, churros and hand pies.

With its ability to create a thick paste at any temperature, GemGel 100 is a multi-use product that can be used in many applications. If you are looking to improve your products rheology and fluidity, let the experts at Manildra USA guide you to the best solution.