The Next Generation of Wheat Proteins

It is almost time to head out the door for the much anticipated IBIE 2019.

This year we are pleased to be Honored in the Best in Baking Program for ingredients.

Visit us at Booth #2036 to discuss The Original Plant Protein and The Next Generation of Wheat Protein. 

Vital wheat gluten has been adding protein to bakery and more for years. It is the original. By contributing both protein and functionality vital wheat gluten is the go-to protein for baking. 

But what is next for gluten? The next generation of gluten transforms all of the benefits of that one-of-a-kind protein in wheat to provide, elasticity, extensibility, film-forming, flexibility, aeration, and more to a range of bakery products. 

Stop by Booth #2036 to see the benefits of GemPro proteins. 

Snicker Doodle Muffin - This consumer favorite flavor is exhibited in a muffin to demonstrate how you can produce muffin and cake products with out eggs. GemPro Plus provides the structure, resilience and aeration to remove eggs from your formula.

Wholegrain Strawberry Filled Bites - Efficiency can be tough to measure but adding GemPro Prime-E to your dough can enhance sheeting and reduce tearing throughout your process. This protein helps to soften the dough to ease processing while maintaining critical dough tolerance.

Chocolate Chunk Pecan High Protein Cookie - If you are developing a cookie or sweet snack with added protein, use GemPro Prime-W get the nutritional boost with great flavor and texture. 

Send us a note if you would like to schedule a meeting!