Let’s cut the carbs

Consumers and manufacturers alike have taken their own stab at the low carb and keto trend recently, with new products ranging from traditional breads and buns to flatbreads and pre-blend mixes. According to The Insight Partners, the worldwide ketogenic diet market is positioned to increase from $10.2 million in 2019 to over $15.3 million by 2027 (1). The better-for-you bakery category has seen launches from big industry names like Bimbo and Ardent Mills, as well as start-ups and regional brands throwing in their hats in the low carb ring.

When it comes to following a ketogenic diet, bread and other carbohydrate-based items are the first to be restricted; however, consumers still want the comforts of a traditional diet without sacrificing their health. Bread and buns are without a doubt the most popular low carb/keto product on the market and continue to rise in popularity. Over the past 2 years it was most common to find these types of products via online sales versus traditional supermarket shelves. However, in 2021 there has been an increase in keto-friendly breads and buns being offered at supermarkets like Bimbo’s Orowheat Superior Keto Bread that offers 60 calories, 3g net carbs and 4g protein per 28g slice.

Manildra’ s portfolio of wheat starches and proteins can offer the perfect building block to your low-carb flour replacement. FiberGem Resistant Wheat Starch creates a bright white crumb structure, soft mouthfeel and adds dietary fiber to your loaf, while GemPro Wheat Proteins add structure and texture. When combined, FiberGem and GemPro proteins mimic the viscoelastic properties of white flour while adding a fiber and protein boost.

If a traditional sandwich isn’t your style yet follow a low carbohydrate-based diet, many companies are now offering keto friendly versions of your favorite tortillas and flatbreads. Similar to bread and buns, Manildra’s FiberGem and GemPro proteins can offer you the flour replacement option you need to cut that carb count. By combining FiberGem, GemPro HPG and GemPro Prime-E, you can create a better for your flatbread or tortilla that is both extensible enough to be pressed, yet elastic enough to retain gas and create the perfect surface blisters.

Many consumers struggle with the ketogenic diet, because it requires eliminating some of their favorite celebratory sweet goods and breakfast items like brownies, cookies, and pancakes. In the last year alone, the total number of new product launches with keto-friendly claims in the bakery mix category increased 20% according to Innova Market Insights (3). Household name brands like Kodiak released their Carb Conscious Pancake and Waffle mix that features almond flour, whole wheat flour and wheat protein.

Manildra products can be useful in bakery mixes from a nutritional and functional standpoint. FiberGem can help reduce the starchy component from flour and add dietary fiber to reduce net carbohydrate count. GemPro proteins can help create a range of textures and eating properties depending on your product type and can also act as a substitute for eggs which can help boost protein without an additional allergen.

At the end of the day, we all want to have our cake and eat it too, and luckily for keto consumers that is now a reality. From a slice of toast to a stack of pancakes, ketogenic dieters don’t have to walk away from their favorite foods. Let our team of experts at Manildra help you create the next innovative low-carb formulation today.


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