Low Carb is back and better than ever

Manildra has everything you need to build your perfect low carb ingredient blend. Manildra’s GemPro proteins, FiberGem resistant starch, and technical expertise is the winning combination for your low carb, new product development.

The first challenge to low carb bakery is that flour is mostly carbohydrates – and flour is the building block for bakery. What if you could rebuild the necessary structure with a low-carb, functional flour and the had the Manildra development team to guide you? You are in the right spot!


Here are the four steps to get the perfect low-carb flour replacement:

 Select the starch component.


Manildra’s FiberGem is bright white in color, making it ideal for many bakery applications. Because it is a wheat starch it does not disrupt the viscosity or absorption, allowing it to fit seamlessly in any formula. FiberGem provides the critical fiber component for low net carb results.




 Select the protein component


Wheat protein is the structural component of your low carb application because it provides the gluten matrix that was present in flour. Manildra’s GemPro range of proteins provide options for both elastic and extensible properties to optimize both handling and finished product characteristics.


 Optimize the balance.


>>> If you have not yet, this is an excellent time to reach out to the development team at Manildra! <<<  Manildra’s GemPro proteins have a range of functionality that can promote strength, tolerance or both. Using Manildra proteins in combination with FiberGem helps to balance these components. When using GemPro HPG and GemPro Prime-E together, the ratio of proteins must be balanced to suit finished product characteristics. A bread and bun formulation would require more elasticity than a pizza crust or an English muffin, so the ratio of HPG to Prime-E would increase. The level of FiberGem usage would vary depending on the crumb characteristics of the baked good.


  Drop it in

Once you determine the proper ratio of FiberGem to protein, and the ratio of extensible to elastic protein, you can drop it in to your conventional formula. The best part of this solution is that you can add this low carb flour solution with minimal changes to your formulations or process.

Reach out to the team at Manildra. We are here to help!

The Manildra team applies our expertise in wheat to offer innovative solutions that enhance your healthy and delicious foods. Merging our custom ingredeint development with our global distribution network equals unparralleled quality, service, and success. We pride ourselves in providing the best wheat can ofer everytime, all the time.