CRUST Us, It's Low Carb Pizza!

When you think about your favorite pizza, what separates it from others? That's right, the crust! For many people, the crust gets in the way of indulgence due to the excess carbohydrates. What if I told you that you could still enjoy pizza with fewer net carbs? This is where Manildra's GemPro line and FiberGem Resistant Wheat Starch can be used. 

The key components in developing a low carb, flour based product requires replacing carbs with fiber, protein or fat. FiberGem contains 90% dietary fiber and contributes to fewer net carbs. In need of a high protein gluten that contributes to strength and elasticity in your pizza dough? Try GemPro HPG. Maybe you need greater extensibility in your dough. For that, use GemPro Prime-E. With the combination of GemPro Prime-E, GemPro HPG and FiberGem, you can develop a low carb pizza crust. 


GemPro Prime E, GemPro HPG and FiberGem were used in various ratios to create a low carb "flour replacement." 

The higher ratio of GemPro Prime-E to GemPro HPG produced a better quality pizza crust. Crust that was higher in GemPro HPG had significantly more oven spring and thicker crust. Crust higher in GemPro Prime-E was flatter and chewier with air pockets and resembled a regular pizza crust. 

When creating the flour replacement for a low carb pizza crust, use GemPro Prime-E at 30% and GemPro HPG at 15% to make up 45% of the "flour." The remaining 55% of flour is to be made up of FiberGem. 

Low Carb Pizza Flour Formula:

Ingredient Bakers %
FiberGem        55
GemPro Prime-E 30
GemPro HPG 15

Don't turn away from indulging in delicious pizza, turn to Manildra's GemPro line and FiberGem Resistant Wheat Starch. As you develop a low carb pizza crust, consider these Manildra ingredients.