Pancakes + Protein = A Better Breakfast

Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes.  They could be sweet or savory; healthy or indulgent; bite-sized or plate-sized.  They are a perfect canvas for creativity for breakfast.

With more creativity, however, the overall pancake texture could suffer.  This is where wheat protein isolates come in to play.  Each protein contributes a unique texture which allows, you, the developer to customize your protein choice based on eating characteristics.

    Looking to replace eggs in the pancake formulation? Try GemPro Plus.  It provides both strength and tenderness similar to the functionality of eggs. And not only is it clean label but it also has a clean flavor.  There is no “protein” flavor to try and mask with ingredients that could muddle up a simple label.

    Maybe your pancakes need a little extra height and aeration.  For that, I would recommend trying GemPro 3300.  This protein is able to whip and form a film so it can be used to maintain volume and tenderness.

    Formulations that contain whole grain can benefit from the addition of GemPro Prime-E.  Its clean flavor profile helps mask the whole grain bitterness while also providing tenderness.  Whole grains have the tendency to weaken the gluten matrix, but GemPro Prime-E provides strength to maintain pancake height.

    Another clean label protein, GemPro Prime-W, is the most soluble of these proteins so it can be incorporated at higher amounts without increasing batter viscosity or changing flavor.  Like GemPro 3300, GemPro Prime-W also whips which aids in batter aeration and pancake volume. 


The graph below illustrates the changes in pancake batter viscosity over time.  Each variable was evaluated at 1 minute and 10 minutes and Bostwick readings were taken at 10, 30, & 60 seconds. 

GemPro Plus saw a slight change in batter viscosity over time which was similar to GemPro 3300.  However, GemPro 3300 has a higher viscosity than GemPro Plus.  GemPro Prime-E did not have a significant viscosity change over time.  This is important for batters that have a longer rest time.  The batter made with the GemPro Prime-W was the least viscous which is due to its lower absorption rate.



Just like your pancake flavors are numerous, so are your protein options.  Need something specific? Allow our development team to customize a solution that best fits your product needs.  Together, we can create a nutritious AND delicious breakfast.