Pizza is Definitely a Food Group

Pizza. Seems simple enough. A food that can be piled high with mountains of toppings and sauces, or kept simple with only a few ingredients. Toppings may seem like the most important choice but the crust is the foundation.  Like the foundation of a house, the crust sets the tone and structure for your creation of pizza mastery. 

The crust of a thick, pan pizza needs both strength and extensibility to prevent shrink back in the dough as it bakes.  GemPro Extend is a 75% protein, extensible vital wheat gluten that has the best of both worlds.  This ingredient possesses the functionality of traditional vital wheat gluten but without as much elasticity. Strength without the shrink-back.  You can see improvements in the dough rheology at all points in the process - from an improved window in the mixing bowl, to extensibility at the sheeter, to resiliency in the proof box.  GemPro Extend benefits each critical step.  

On the other hand, the crust of a thin and crispy pizza requires a thin sheet to achieve the typical snap when you bite into it.  To achieve that specific texture, we recommend, GemPro Prime-E.  This 90% protein, clean label wheat protein isolate, brings more extensibility than strength.  It provides the functionality of both a dough relaxer and a strengthener, helping the dough sheet thin while preventing tearing as it passes through the sheeting rolls.  GemPro Prime-E helps to produce a consistently thin piece of dough every time. 

If you’re looking for something a little more in between the remaining GemPro range of proteins can be of assistance.  Starting with the strongest protein, GemPro HPG, down to our most soluble, GemPro Ultra, each protein brings its own unique functionality to your pizza crust.  Having more available options allows you, the developer, to find the protein that best fits your ideal dough rheology and product texture. 

Formulating refrigerated or frozen doughs? GemPro 3300 is a special film forming protein that can aid in ice crystal minimization.  GemPro 4400 and GemPro Plus are also good at maintaining crumb resiliency and tenderness during the freeze thaw process.

No matter what pizza foundation you choose, there is a wheat protein isolate that can make the final slice taste even better.