Reasons to Love GemPro 3300

You may think that all wheat proteins are created equal, but the varying functionality of the GemPro Protein portfolio proves otherwise. Within the GemPro protein range, GemPro 3300 is the most versatile. Depending on the amount of water and the type and duration of mixing, GemPro 3300 can provide extensibility, binding, or aeration to your baked products. These diverse functional characteristics allow customers to create a wide range of goods with unique taste, texture, and protein contents.

Coming in at 90% protein, GemPro 3300 is not only unique in its creation, but it is equally as unique in its usage. When mixed into a bread dough at 1-5% usage levels, the GemPro 3300 imparts more extensibility than elasticity, giving you more softness and tolerance. These unique characteristics can also promote dough relaxationthat helps with both machineability and pan flow. GemPro 3300 is also one-of-a-kind in its ability to form films that bind ingredients and inclusions alike.  These properties are extremely valuable in cakes and muffins where a tighter cell structure is required, but also where whipping and aeration is critical to maintain consistency throughout processing. Last, but certainly not least, GemPro 3300 has exceptional protective qualities in frozen dough applications. GemPro 3300 can help control moisture migration during the freeze-thaw process and prevent undesirable tastes and textures that are common in par-baked and frozen dough applications. All these traits add up to one well rounded product that can be used in multiple food and bakery products.

Are you looking to reduce cost of ingredients or enhance product texture? If you are looking to replace eggs in a cake, muffin or cookie formulation, GemPro 3330 may be your solution. With dried whole egg prices increasing from $2.10/lb in May of 2020 to $3.25/lb in May 2021 (1), customers can make the switch from egg to wheat protein and cut ingredient cost in half. Because of the previously mentioned film forming capabilities, cakes, muffins, and pancakes are light and fluffy due to GemPro 3300’s ability to help you whip your batter further, increase finished product volume and tighten cell structure without collapse. GemPro 3300 can also enhance the pliability of your tortilla formulation and help to reduce breakage by enhancing extensibility and controlling moisture migration.

Need any more reasons to love GemPro 3300? Whether you are looking to reformulate at a higher protein percentage for nutritional goals, reduce cost and allergen concerns with egg replacement, or enhance the handling characteristics of your doughs, GemPro 3300 can be the Swiss Army knife of your ingredient catalog. Contact us and let us help you discover the possibilities that GemPro 3300 can bring to your portfolio today.


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