For years, bakers have relied upon the functionality of eggs to create many foods consumers enjoy today like cakes, cookies, donuts, and other sweet goods. Bakers use eggs to aid in coagulation, emulsification and foaming in various applications. Particularly in sweet goods, eggs help create a secondary structure that supports the weight of additional sugars and starches that overwhelms the weaker gluten network formed by pastry and soft wheat flours.

In the last two years, the prices of eggs have doubled, if not tripled at times, according to the USDA Egg Markets Overview Report from May 12, 2023 and have left many baker’s profits in limbo (1). While prices are starting to return to mid-2022 levels (approx. $3/dozen), market susceptibility to zoonotic disease, complexity in allergen management, and ingredient storage requirements have sparked bakeries to source egg-replacing ingredients.

At Manildra Group, we have developed a clean label, wheat protein isolate, GemPro Nova, that can function as a partial or whole egg replacement in many bakery applications. Because GemPro Nova is wheat based, allergen labeling and cleaning can be simplified, and because it is a dry-powder, special storage considerations like refrigeration are not necessary. We have created three products within the GemPro Nova line to meet bakers’ specific needs – GemPro Nova-A for all-purpose applications, GemPro Nova-C for high ratio cake applications, and GemPro Nova-F for high fat applications. The entire line of GemPro Nova provides emulsification, volume, resilience and structure in bakery applications. Keep reading to learn more.

GemPro Nova-A: The Utility Player

GemPro Nova-A is the utility player of the Nova portfolio as it can be used in a wide variety of applications such as muffins, cookies, breads, rolls, waffles and laminated doughs. While using GemPro Nova-A enhances emulsification in batters and doughs, it can also assist in moisture retention, creating resilience, and structure. When compared to dry-whole-eggs in a Danish pastry, the GemPro Nova-A helped reduce mix time by 30%, and created similar texture, flavor and volume in the finished product.

GemPro Nova-C: Takes the Cake

GemPro Nova-C really shines when used in high ratio cakes to replace dried whole eggs as it adds aeration, emulsification, structure and softness to cakes. While high ratio cakes are the preferred application for GemPro Nova-C, it can also be utilized in other batter systems like donuts, sponge cakes, and pancakes. When used in a yellow cake formulation in comparison to a control with dried whole eggs, GemPro Nova-A provided similar volume, grain and crumb qualities, and bright color. Depending on product formula, slight adjustments may be necessary for leaving systems, gums or emulsifiers.

GemPro Nova-F: The Full-Fat Experience

GemPro Nova-F was developed with additional emulsification properties to aid in structure building in systems that have higher fat levels like brownies, crème cakes, and pound cakes. GemPro Nova-F can replace 50-100% of dried egg solids in a high fat system while maintaining textural and eating characteristics. When used in a crème cake application, GemPro Nova-F provided similar color, texture, volume, crumb, and flavor versus a control made with liquid whole eggs.

Eggs provide many functional benefits across the spectrum of bakery applications including texture, flavor, resilience, and more. The team at Manildra has developed the GemPro Nova line of proteins to meet your application needs including emulsification, texture, and volume. When replacing egg solids with GemPro Nova, the baker can save on material cost, efficiency cost, storage cost, and has the added benefit of reducing, or eliminating, an allergen. Bakers can rely on Manildra’s cost-effective and clean label option for egg replacement. Reach out to our team of experts today to find out which GemPro Nova is the right one for you and your bakery products.

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