The code has been cracked.

Wheat proteins unlock the secret to egg replacement in the baking and food industry.


But aren’t eggs a necessity in baking?  Historically, yes, but not anymore.  Thanks to new developments at Manildra, our wheat protein ingredients can seamlessly replace eggs in a variety of food applications.  Food allergies are increasing and preferences are changing which requires a response from the food industry with viable, appealing alternatives.  There are also practical reasons to replace eggs in baking – prices can be volatile and high (consumer awareness drives demand in the direction of cage free and sustainably raised animals) and cold storage is required (corporations are looking to “go green”).  Eliminating the need for egg ingredients lowers both procurement costs and operational costs allowing you to produce affordable, safe, and delicious alternatives.

Recognizing these emerging challenges, Manildra explored and developed solutions that are now ready for action on your production line!   Eliminating eggs with wheat ingredients keeps your label clean, nutritious, and allergen-free.  In our Innovation Lab, we have successfully made these substitutions in pancakes, cake, pasta, brioche breads, muffins, cookies, and more. 

The best place to start is a one to one replacement based on solids. That is, if you are using 10% dry whole eggs, replace it with 10% GemPro Plus. In some applications the absorption may need to be increased, and in others the usage might need a slight boost. We have tested 25%, 50%, and 100% replacement levels. Send us a note to get a starting formula.

Secret’s out… give us a call so we can help you crack the code on your next egg project.