It's All Pun and Games

Are you looking to update your product portfolio or looking to improve nutrition claims? Manildra’s range of wheat protein isolates are extremely versatile and can serve multiple purposes in bakery and food applications. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the list of our applications below:

We like helping you transform your traditional bakery items to Low-Carb favorites. Bakery is built on flour power, but we can help you cut the carbs and create your very own Low-Carb flour blend with FiberGem, GemPro HPG and GemPro Prime-E.

Are your buns looking a little flat? We’ve got what you need to get those big, beautiful buns back in action. Our Vital Wheat Gluten can make them look perky again. We can even help pump up your organic buns with our Organic Vital Wheat Gluten.

Best thing since sliced bread? More like the best thing in sliced bread. You know us for our vital wheat gluten’s superior quality and performance, but your customers know you for your sliced bread’s loaf volume and perfect texture. Don’t worry, we won’t let them in on your best kept secret.  

 Processing problem? Yeah, we’ll solve it. Our GemPro proteins will help to dissolve it. Is your product lacking some pan flow? GemPro Prime-E adds flex to your dough. Or maybe you want a little more softness? GemPro Prime-W can help add tenderness. We are here to collaborate and listen, let our GemPro proteins be your solution. 

This ain’t no disco, and this is not your Grandma’s cookie. We love you, Grandma, and we love your cookies, but it’s time to beef them up. Want to have that same indulgent sensation from your youth and not feel the shame and guilt after? We can help you boost protein contents of your cookie with GemPro Prime-E and GemPro Prime-W. Both proteins will help you create the tender, soft protein cookie you’ve been working so hard for. 

Having our cake and eating it too, because you know, balance, right? Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Certainly not us! We can help you cut some cake and cost with the use of our GemPro Plus and GemPro 4400High in protein and high in functionality. Both proteins will help you cut the cake, not the flavor.

Or are you ready to eggs-plore the world of vegan baking? We aren’t yolking around because our GemPro 4400 and GemPro Plus products are both great options for egg replacement in batter systems as they provide resilience and tenderness to your favorite sweet goods. An egg-ceptional vegan treat is now within reach! 

Who Says Plants are Meaty-ocre?! Make no missed-steak, plant powered protein is here to stay. Manildra’s range of plant-based wheat protein products can help you transform your portfolio from budding to cream of the crop. From GemPro HPG that adds texture and strength, to GemPro 3300 that provides binding and aeration – we have the solutions you need to make customer say “Well Done!”

If you want to have more pun with bakery, come see us at IBIE in September at Booth 6639!