GemGel: A Versatile Wheat Starch

What is a pregelatinized starch and why do we need them? When starch is pregelatinized, it is pre-cooked, causing the starch granule to swell and disrupt the structure. When the starch is pregelatinized or precooked it is also considered instant or cold water swelling, and forms a gel or paste in a cold water system. The starch creates viscosity without heat application, and can be beneficial to food manufacturing companies regarding processing, texture, and cost. At Manildra, our GemGel line of pregelatinized starches offers both native and modified options, so you can dial in to the texture and product attributes that you prefer. From fillings to batter systems, GemGel pregelatinized starches create instant solubility and viscosity that you can count on up front.

Are you looking for a product that instantaneously dissolves and swells in water? Our GemGel 100 is instantly soluble in cold water and can help create viscosity. This upfront viscosity helps to set the structure and stabilize a batter. In a bakery mix this might look like better suspension of blueberries in a muffin. In a fried product GemGel will help set the structure to better manage fat absorption.  

In frozen layer cakes GemGel 100 will help to control moisture retention and improve freeze thaw stability.  Perhaps you are looking to improve particle distribution in a soup, sauce, or gravy application? Our GemGel 3300 is a thick-to-thin starch that creates upfront thickness that breaks down with heat. This product can also help with binding water over shelf life and help to prevent syneresis in fillings and frostings. But just like GemStar, the GemGel portfolio can also help add tenderness and aid in moisture retention over shelf life, particularly in bakery mixes, cereals and snacks.

Want to learn more about Manildra’s GemGel portfolio? Check out the Products Page on our website, or contact our technical team to see which product is right for you and your portfolio.