Explore our GemPro Egg Replacement options below:

GemPro Plus

  • 85% Protein + Clean Label
  • Enhanced structure and tolerance
  • Dough and pasta applications

GemPro 4400

  • 85% Protein
  • Optimized resilience, rheology, and tolerance
  • Dough, batter, and pasta applications

GemPro 3300

  • 90% Protein 
  • Superior film formation, cell structure, and aeration
  • Batter systems

GemPro Nova

  • 85% Protein + Clean label
  • GemPro Nova-A for all-purpose sweet goods 
  • GemPro Nova-C for cakes
  • GemPro Nova-F for high fat sweet goods

Here at Manildra, we know that eggs provide a number of characteristics to dough and batter systems. Whether it be tenderness in a sweet dough, structure in a pancake, or emulsification in a batter, we have a variety of solutions that can be customized to your application. GemPro Plus is a great option for adding resilience and tenderness in a laminated dough. Dough and batter formulas can also benefit from the use of GemPro 4400 in similar systems as can provide structure and bounce. If aeration and a fine cell structure is what you are looking for, then consider GemPro 3300 that has excellent whipping and film formation capabilities. The newest product on the block is GemPro Nova which is functional in any application where you use eggs in bakery. Stayed tuned to learn more about GemPro Nova!


Like eggs, GemPro proteins form a resilient network of proteins that is both stable and soft. By modifying the viscoelastic properties of wheat protein, GemPro Proteins replicate the eating characterisitcs expected from eggs


Our unique processing allows for GemPro proteins to create better emuslifcation in batter systems.By working to break the surface tension between liquids, GemPro proteins allow for effective air incorporation and consistent finished product volume. 

Cost Saving

GemPro proteins ensure stable ingredient supply in an unpredictable protein market, but also come in at a lower price. Utilizing GemPro proteins also eliminates the need for allergen cleaning in wheat-based systems. 

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