Manildra USA featured Product Samples from IBIE 2022

We hope you enjoyed tasting all the delicious ways to incorporate Manildra products into your portfolio. Click on the image of the formulas below for more information.

High Protein Sandwich Bread

Featuring GemPro 5100 and GemPro Shine, this high protein sandwich bread packs a punch and passes the sandwich strength test. 

Fudgey Fiber Brownie

This fudgey delight showcases our FiberGem Resistant Wheat Starch - a source of dietary fiber - who knew fiber could taste this good?

Low Carb Mini Cinnamon Roll

This breakfast show stopper features GemPro HPG, GemPro Prime-E and FiberGem Resistant Wheat Starch all wrapped up in cinnamon goodness.

High Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie

Even better than you can imagine and packed full of protein. This delight features GemPro 5100 and goes great with a glass of milk.

Eggless Birthday Mini Muffin

Our newest protein, GemPro Nova, replaces the need for eggs in this handheld birthday-themed mini muffin.